“I grew up poor on the westside of San Antonio, feeling like leaders didn’t understand my community’s struggles. I learned that service must be offered with an unbiased heart and begin by upholding our shared values of fairness, equality, and respect. I promise to bring these values and an open heart with me to the court; I hope I can earn your support.”

Elizabeth is ready. Are you?

Elizabeth is ready to bring her combination of public, private, defense, and plaintiff experience to the 73rd District Court. This experience has allowed her to become a trusted advisor to the Bexar County Civil District Courts where she currently serves. In addition, since June 2022, Elizabeth Martinez has served the City of San Antonio as a part time Municipal Court Judge. Her grassroots campaign counts on you. Whether you want to register to vote, sign up to volunteer, or make a contribution, thank you.

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth continues to live by the working class values her family instilled in her, and her heart for service has guided her career. Elizabeth knows that success is not an accident, and that it starts by seeing opportunities in obstacles. These are the values that have made Elizabeth who she is, and they are the values that will make her a great judge.

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